Foothills Match Club

Club By-Laws





Article I.      Article I: NAME AND PURPOSE

Section 1.01     This Organization shall be known as the "FOOTHILLS Match Club". It shall be composed of individuals who enjoy sportsman-like competition. Each member is morally obligated to carry his/her fair share of the Club and to maintain an increased interest in the sport of bowling.

Article II.    Article II: MEMBERSHIP

Section 2.01     The Club shall consist of a maximum of sixty (60) members, keeping an even number of men and women as possible.


Section 2.02     Membership is subject to approval of the Club members. All members will be affiliated with U.S.B.C. and meet the following requirements:

(a)      A willingness to travel at their own expense.

(b)      Is willing to exemplify the true spirit of bowling by bowling with any and all combinations of fellow member and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner during all Club activities.


Section 2.03     Averages for each member will be maintained by the Club, based on games bowled in match play. Averages will be computed and figured at the conclusion of each match. For matches bowled back-to-back, i.e. Saturday and Sunday, averages will be computed at the conclusion of the last match. Averages of the members will be concurrent from the end of the year August 31); at that time new averages will be determined based on their ending Match Club average for the first 3 games. If a bowler has no previous Match Club, book average or league average of 21 games, an average of 140 will be used to establish a new average.


(a)      If it is necessary to use a missing bowler’s average to fill a lineup, the full average will be used. A ten (10) pin drop will NOT be applied (Unless opposing club does).


(b)      The Directors of the Foothills Match Club shall be empowered to review and modify the rules pertaining to averages/handicapping as they deem necessary to maintain an equitable and fair forum of competition.


Section 2.04     Teams shall bowl scratch if there is a difference of ten (10) pins or less. If there is a difference of more than ten (10) pins, there shall be a handicap of 100% less ten (10) pins of the total difference.


Section 2.05     The Club shall schedule prospective members to bowl with the Club as guests prior to a membership vote. All guest’s fines shall be waived. Prospective new members shall be voted in by a written ballot or a show of hands, and there must be a simple majority vote. The votes will be counted during the meeting and prospective new members will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance. If accepted, new members shall be given a copy of the bylaws and one of the Board of Directors will explain all rules and the purpose of the Match Club.


Section 2.06     New members shall purchase their shirts as soon as they are notified of acceptance, the purchase price of the shirt ($43.50) will be due in full before delivery. PRICE DUE TO CHANGE, check with the match maker for current pricing.


Section 2.07     Shirts shall be a style and color approved by the majority of the Club membership. (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Section 2.08     All members shall wear the Match Club (black shirt with gold lettering) to all matches. Members may wear black or white pants, walking shorts, skirts, or khaki/beige, gray pants or blue jeans in good repair.


Article III.  Management

Section 3.01     The Foothills Match Club shall have the power to adopt, rescind or amend the Rules and Regulations which do not conflict with the by-laws, rules and regulations of U.S.B.C. The Board of Directors of the Club shall be responsible for the complete management of the affairs of the Club and shall carry out and enforce all of the purposes for which it is organized according to the provisions of the by-laws and the vote of the members.


Section 3.02     The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected Match Club Officers: President, Vice-President/Matchmaker, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Assistant Matchmaker, Events director and the immediate past President shall also serve on this Board for not less than six (6) months.


Section 3.03     The Board of Directors shall be elected from the Match Club membership and shall be elected by written ballot at the annual meeting of the Club, which will be the first meeting in August. A vote may be taken regardless of the number of members present. They shall hold their respective offices for a term of two (2) years, with the President, Treasurer and Assistant Matchmaker being elected on alternate years of the Vice-President & Matchmaker, Secretary and Sergeant-at-Arms. Outgoing officers will remain and help new officers for a period of one (1) month.


Section 3.04     Any proposed change in the by-laws will require a thirty (30) day notice posted for membership review, before an amendment is voted on at the next Match Club general meeting. No proposed change that has been brought before the Club for a vote can be resubmitted for consideration in less than twelve (12) months.

Section 3.05 The current home for Foothills Match Club is Strikes Unlimited in Rocklin,  CA. If, in the future the Board determines (by a 2/3’s vote) it is in the clubs best interest to relocate it will assign members to a committee to research new options. Once the options have been determined the board will present the options to the club for a 30 day review period. Once the review period is over the club will meet and take a vote on the options presented. A TWO THIRDS vote is required to move the club.



Section 4.01     The President shall preside at all meetings of the general membership. The President shall be empowered to co-sign checks drawn upon the Club bank account.


Section 4.02     The Vice-President shall act as Matchmaker and shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President. Vice-President shall be empowered to co-sign checks drawn on the Club bank account. The Matchmaker shall be responsible for the scheduling of all matches and setting up teams. The match maker will also assign bowlers participating in the match duties to perform during such match. If the match maker deems it necessary to remove a member from the club due to unavailability to meet match assignments they can present their recommendation to the board for its final approval. A two thirds vote of the board is required.


Section 4.03     The Assistant Matchmaker shall assist the Matchmaker whenever needed.


Section 4.04     The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of the Board of Directors and general meetings and be prepared to read minutes of prior meetings as requested. Collect and record scores of each match. Responsible for collecting new members needed paperwork and hand in accordingly.


Section 4.05     The Treasurer shall collect all moneys due the Club. Treasurer shall deposit all money into the Match Club bank account and pay all obligations of the Club. The Treasurer shall be empowered to co-sign on the Club account. Treasurer will keep and maintain a ledger of the Club's financial business and be prepared to give an accounting, either written or verbal as requested. Treasurer shall report all delinquent dues at the general meetings.


Section 4.06     The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible for the good conduct of the members at all meetings and match games. Sergeant-at-Arms shall take the count of votes whenever a vote is taken, standing or written ballot, and shall report his/her count to the President.


Section 4.08     The Foothills Match Club year will begin on the 1st of September of each year; the new Officers will take their offices at that time.



Section 5.01     Membership fees shall be thity Dollars ($30.00) per person for the first month that they bowl. Fifteen dollars ($15.00) monthly dues shall be paid by each member by the tenth (10th) of each month. Any member in arrears for more than two (2) months can be dropped from the membership list.

Matchmaker dues shall not be required while in office. And the Matchmaker will receive $60.00 month.


Section 5.02     Fines shall be assessed to each member for the following:

(a)      $5.00 for not wearing club shirt or proper color pants to matches.

(b)      7.50 For failure to keep a match commitment without a valid reason.

(c)      $5.00 for a special assessment shall be paid by each member if the Club treasury falls below $400.00.

(d)      $5.00 fine if an Officer is not wearing their badge at any match.

(e)      $5.00 for not bringing assigned food to matches requiring food.

(f)       $5.00 fine for not attending one (1) out of two (2) meetings

(g)      $1.00 for each game bowled under average in match play.

(h)      $1.00 for failing to arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to a match

(i)        $1.00 for not paying dues by the tenth (1OTH ) of the month.

(j)        $1.00 for not marking in designated frame of each game, designated frame not to be set in first frame of the first (1st) game.


Section 5.03     All fines are to be paid in the envelope provided by the matchmaker or to the Sergeant-at-Arms.


Section 5.04     Any fines (excluding designated pay frames and game averages) contested may be brought before the Board of Directors for review.


Section 5.05     50/50 Pot is collected on home matches (1/2 is going to the general fund and 1/2 is given out as a raffle during bowling)



Section 6.01     The general meeting of the club shall be held at Strikes Unlimited lanes at least twice a year as posted.


Section 6.02     Members who miss two (2) meetings in a row can be dropped from the Club.


Section 6.03     The Board of Directors shall meet once each month at the request of the President. There is a $5.00 fine for not attending. If a board member misses 2 consecutive meetings, they can be dropped from the board and a new member will be elected at a special meeting to fill the vacancy.



Section 7.01     The Matchmaker shall try to schedule 2-3 matches per month. Members shall be rotated in the matches. However, anyone bowling in two consecutive home matches shall be required to bowl in an out of town match before being eligible to bowl at home again.


Section 7.02     All matches are to be posted by the Matchmaker on the clubs website at least two (2) weeks in advance of the match.(if possible) It is the responsibility of, each member to check the website for their bowling dates. The Matchmaker will NOT call members regarding matches unless there has been a change made.


Section 7.03     At all home matches, the  Assistant Matchmaker will notify each member what snack or food item they need to bring


Section 7.04     There are no "Leave of Absences". If a member cannot bowl for medical reasons for an extended period of time shall, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be allowed to drop from membership and be placed at the top of the waiting list. To reinstate their membership, they must meet all new member requirements except a vote of the Club is not needed.


Section 7.05     Any member who quits the Club shall notify any Club Officer of their intention by the tenth (10th) of the month or shall be charged dues for that month. All back dues and fines must be paid.


Section 7.06     Members shall be considerate of their fellow team members as well as their competitors.


Section 7.07     Foothills Match Club is U.S.B.C. sanctioned. 


Section 7.08     Failure to adhere to the Rules and Regulations shall be grounds for forfeiture of Club membership.


Section 7.09     Members shall give forty-eight (48) hours’ notice to the Matchmaker if they are unable to participate in a scheduled match due to an emergency.


Section 7.10     200 pins shall be provided by the Club.


Article VIII.             PAYMENT OF LINEAGE

Section 8.01     The Host Club shall pay for the entire match to the bowling center. The Host Club shall collect from the visiting club for all matches lost by the visitor. The rate charged is to be the highest lineage rate at either club's home bowling center.